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The fear of changes

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Has been very hard not being able to create and work with others. During the lockdown I did a lot of makeup on myself but as much as I love it, I much prefer working on others and other creatives, meeting new faces sharing new ideas and in general interact.

After a long time finally I start working again, this was one of the shoots that I was so excited to as working with Shaun and I knew I will be good. It was an amazing team behind the scenes and I was so happy to see familiar faces and meet new people. I know Shaun James Cox for few years now via social media but funny enough we only worked twice in the last 6 years I been here. I feel that in London to plan something in advance is really hard, especially in the freelance world usually is last minute or a week before and you have to be lucky enough to be both free at the same time.

It was so hard not being able to do the things that you did before like touching, hugging and in general trying to keep your distance all the time, it felt strange and uncomfortable. I decided to documented as I really enjoy backstage photographs.

We always have a moodboard so we get the idea as a team what the stylist and the photographer want to archive for the shoot. The moodboard is a reference so you can get inspired but also helps to understand, what colours, style, vibes, makeup and hair are looking for the shoot sometimes you can share your ideas, sometimes you can play around and be more free and creative and sometimes you have to follow the concept that stylist or photographer have in mind every time is different and that's why I love it. On a fashion editorial you may know that the center is of course the stylist in this case was Ella Louise Gaskell the stylist creating with Shaun the mood board of the shoot and being the leaders. Was the first time working with Ella very cool person very creative loved her ideas and was very focus to work and to do as much we could before it gets dark.


We start with gorgeous Mia Amstrong, she was new as a model working few years back then she stopped but after her studies she went back and she was more active, she was fantastic, very professional and was lovely person to work with. The look was very natural for the makeup and hair the stylist wanted to keep it fresh and not too polished. On that day we shoot two models but separate so was nice, as I did have a longer time, at least with the second model, sometimes on shoots you don't have as much time as you would like and you need to work as quick as possible so you don't make the team waiting for you.

The second model was Olivia Ellie Shelton beautiful and so cute I loved her freckles! Nice to work with her and I would love to work again on a beauty shoot.

Was amazing to work with this team and thanks again Shaun for suggesting me!

Love this photo as you can see only the expression of the eyes!

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